Where Can I Recycle?

Where-can-i-recycleLocal Programs in Nebraska

National Retailer Programs

  • Best Buy: Offers an extensive service accepting used electronics, cartridges, batteries, CD/DVDs, no matter where they were purchased. Their Tech Trade-In program gives customers a gift card when they return certain used electronics. (find a store)
  • Staples: All stores accept used electronics and ink cartridges (regardless of where they were purchased). Many goods are accepted for free.
  • Home Depot: All stores accept used CFL and florescent lamps (find a store)
  • Lowes: 1,700 stores now have recycling centers that accept: CFLs, rechargeable batteries, cell phones and plastic bags.
  • Automotive Stores: Generally accept lead-acid batteries from customers when they purchase a new battery.

National Collection Programs

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