Roles + Responsibilities


  • Design products for reuse and recyclability – and reduce or eliminate toxic substances
  • Create take-back programs to reduce impacts of products in the waste stream (and recapture materials)
  • Consider the full lifecycle of products – and ways to reduce unintended impacts along the way

Who’s doing it? Call2Recycle (Household Batteries), PaintCare, Thermostat Recycling Corporation


  • Educate customers about environmentally preferable products
  • Educate customers about the need to properly recycle or safely …dispose of products
  • Collect products for recycling or safe disposal
  • Encourage suppliers to reduce impacts from transportation

Who’s doing it? The Home Depot; Best Buy; Take it Back Network (WA)


  • Buy better, safer products – and those that are long-lasting or designed for re-use (Find better products here)
  • Take advantage of all available opportunities to ensure that …your products and their packaging are reused, resold, recycled, or disposed of safely
  • Support businesses that have embraced product stewardship


  • Establish an environmentally preferable purchasing policy (EPPP)
  • Collect products to provide infrastructure for future product stewardship programs and test collection options
  • Raise awareness among residents
  • Endorse Principles of Product Stewardship
  • Collect data about the quantities of products collected and the associated costs
  • Work with others in the state to develop priorities for statewide policies
  • Build relationships with local retailers who are voluntarily taking back their goods


  • Comply with regulations and industry best practices to protect the environment, public health, and employee safety
  • Choose the highest quality materials available, and aim to upcycle or create new materials of higher quality.


  • Educate students or employees about ways to reduce environmental impacts through what they choose to buy
  • Explore opportunities to reduce waste from your own operations – create a competition for your employees or students, and encourage …them to get creative!
  • Serve as a collection point for certain products, such as batteries – using the Call2Recycle Program
  • Incorporate environmental education into the school curriculum (For example: see EPA’s program) or into the employee handbook

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