Paint-Used21.jpgThe Problem

Around 64 million gallons of paint goes unused each year in the U.S. – enough to fill almost 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools. A majority of this leftover paint could be easily recycled, but all too often it winds up in landfills because options for recycling and proper management do not exist or are not cost-effective. This is a waste of resources and a missed opportunity to create effective, local recycling jobs in Nebraska.

The Solution

The Nebraska Product Stewardship Coalition (NE PSC) aims to address this issue by convincing commercial paint recyclers to begin accepting paint from Nebraskan communities. By doing this, we will demonstrate that paint can be collected and recycled cost-effectively, benefiting our environment and creating jobs. We hope this will lay the groundwork for creating a statewide, industry-funded paint stewardship program. This program would ensure that all Nebraskans have access to convenient drop-off locations for their leftover paint, while creating financial benefits of $4.5 million for local governments in the state. NE PSC provides resources to local governments, including fact sheets, guides, and presentations, that convey the benefits of paint stewardship, and works with them to “close the loop” by creating markets for recycled-content paint in the state.


Set the stage for paint stewardship:
Manual for Developing Effective Paint Reuse Programs in Nebraska
Pre-Program Regulatory Fact Sheet

Promote the success of paint stewardship to legislators and government officials:
Nebraska Paint Stewardship Initiative: Background
Paint Stewardship: Effect on Household Hazardous Waste Programs
National Paint Stewardship Program: Results

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